1999—Elected to the House of Representatives

Rep. Weiner not only votes in favor of all pro-Israeli legislation, he initiates bills and resolutions to support Israel and criticize Arab states with regularity. He issues streams of statements and press releases of the same kind, promoting Israeli goals even when they break with administration positions, as when he repeatedly asks congress to acknowledge that Jerusalem is Israel's capital, even though international law deems it occupied territory, and doggedly seeks clemency for Israeli spy, Jonathan Pollard.
Rep. Weiner meets Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak in Washington

Bills sponsored

2000—A bill requiring official US documents to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, despite State Department objections that it would hamper efforts for a negotiated peace and violate several UN Security Council (UNSC) resolutions. The bill passed as an amendment to the State Dept’s authorization bill, but was disclaimed by Pres. Bush.

2001— A bill to prohibit US assistance for the Palestinian Authority (PA) or other activities on the West Bank and Gaza unless the PA renounces violence, acts to prevent it, and a reduction of violence is observed.

2003—Weiner sponsors the same bill again.

2005-2006--. . . and again.

2005—Sponsors H.R.2036 to prohibit the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), the recognized representative of the Palestinian people, from maintaining an office in the US.

2005--Introduced the]Saudi Arabia Accountability Act, requiring Saudi Arabia to fully cooperate in terrorist investigations and closed all organizations in the country that train, incide or fund terrorist organizations, including schools, charities, etc.. Failure to do so allows the president to impose restrictions on export of defense articles or service.


2003—Cosponsored the Syria Accountability Act of 2003, demanding that Syria halt support for terrorism, its “occupation of Lebanon” and its development of weapons of mass destruction. Holds Syria accountable for “serious international security problems” in the Middle East.

2003—Cosponsored H.Res.140: Expresses the sense of the House of Representatives concerning the repression of freedoms within Iran.

2003—H.Res.409: Repudiating the anti-semitic and despicable sentiments expressed by Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia.

2004— Cosponsored H.CON.RES.371 in support of Israel’s construction of a “security fence” to prevent terrorism, although much of the fence is on Palestinian land. Condemns the UN General Assembly’s request that the International Court of Justice rule on the legal consequences of the wall.

2004—Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act, to establish within the State Department an office to monitor and combat anti-Semitism.

2005—Cosponsored a resolution condemning the British Association of University Teachers vote to boycott Bar-Ilan and Haifa University.

Other activities:

Rep. Weiner’s website shows that during 2002-2006, he issued over 80 press releases dealing with the Middle East, most of which promoted Israeli positions or opposed Palestinian positions; others criticized Saudi Arabia, appealledl for clemency for Israel’s spy, Jonathan Pollard, or other pro-Israeli positions. He also issued over 35 press releases on Jewish issues, which deal largely with local issues such as Jewish cemetery desecrations, alleged anti-Semitic incidents, and several more releases on Jonathan Pollard. He has also written 3 op eds dealing with the Middle East: on getting tough with Egypt, Iran or the Palestinians. Links to some samples follow.

May, 2002—Statement opposing aid to Palestinians as “more money to pay the families of homicide bombers, to send young boys to summer camps where they learn military and terrorist tactics, to provide young children with text books that glorify violence and call for the destruction of Israel.”

Oct., 2002—Urges tabling the Roadmap until Palestinian violence ends.

Aug., 2003—Urges governor of Ohio to block an “anti-Semitic” conference

Aug., 2004—Urges clemency for Jonathan Pollard for at least the third consecutive year.

Oct., 2004—Urges Columbia University to fire Palestinian professor for allegations by a Zionist group that espoused anti-Semitic views. A university investigation completely exonerates the professor.

Oct., 2004—Urges UN to fire Peter Hansen, chief of UNWRA, the agency through which aid is delivered to the Occupied Territories.

July, 2006—Pronounces the UN “worthless” in the war against terror, in which “it seems to be siding with the terrorists.”

August, 2006—Rep. Weiner makes a trip to Israel to show solidarity during Israel’s war against Lebanon